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Rilano Fusion Bar

Cocktails & Burger

Time to relax

Selected spirits and cocktail creations await you at the "Fusion Bar", where you can recapitulate a successful day at the Hanseatic city or you can deepen stimulating conversations with friends and business partners.

Specials in September

Fusion Bar special

Tarte flambée “Alsatian Style” with bacon and onions
10,50 Euro


Janina recommends her delicious cocktail of the month

Berry Crush
Monin raspberry puree | Monin strawberry puree | lemon juice | Bacardi
8,50 Euro

Rilano Fusion Bar

Mo-So: 12:00–01:00am
Hein-Saß-Weg 40, 21129 Hamburg
+49 40 300 849 691