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Menu October

Altes Land

South of the Elbe and centrally between Hamburg and the North Sea is our holiday region Altes Land am Elbstrom. And that's exactly what chef Maik Danowski used as an inspiration for our October menu.


Apfelsecco from the Altes Land


white tomato soup | panzanella skewer

Main Course

two parts from the pig
filet medallion | braised cheek | Altländer apple jus | parsley root mousse | spinach dumplings


variations from “Franzbrötchen”
iced | baked

Restaurant River View

by Maik Danowski

Mo-Fr: 6:30am-2:00pm | 5:30-10:00pm
Sa-Su: 6:30am-10:00pm
Mon-Fri: 6:30-10:00am
Sa: 6:30-11:00am
Su: 6:30-12:00am
Hein-Saß-Weg 40, 21129 Hamburg
+49 40 300 849 691
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