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Because everybody needs a hobby

Gin is the trendy drink of 2018 and a good bar menu is inconceivable without it.  With our gin menu and our exclusive range of different varieties, we bring you closer to the subtle differences of the trendy drink. So you can choose your personal favourite from the jungle of different gins.
We hope you will enjoy our delicious gin cocktails next to the gin or even create your own GIN TONIC.
Long speech short gin: CHIN CHIN

Gin Menu

juniper concretes, classical gins

The Duke Munich Dry Gin     
4cl | 9,60 Euro

Gin Buck   
2cl The Duke Munich Dry Gin   
2cl lemon juice   
1btl Schweppes ginger ale 

gins with citrus & fruity notes

Beefeater 24         
4cl | 9,60 Euro

Tanqueray No. Ten
4cl | 9,60 Euro      

Gin Gin Mule   
4,5cl Tanqueray No. Ten   
2,5cl lime juice   
3cl sugar syrup   
3cl Ginger Beer   
6-8 leaves fresh mint  
9,90 Euro

floral gins

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin
4cl | 10,80 Euro

6cl Monkey 47   
4cl Lime Juice   
0,5cl fresh lime juice   
9,90 Euro

gins with herbal notes

Gin Mare         
4cl | 10,50 Euro

Gin Fizz
5cl Gin Mare   
3cl lemon juice   
2cl sugar syrup   
10cl soda water to refill    
9,90 Euro

gins with pepper notes

Bombay Sapphire     
4cl | 7,60

Gin Basil Smash
6cl Bombay Sapphire   
2cl lemon juice   
2cl sugar syrup   
fresh basil leaves 
9,90 Euro

extravagant gins

Hendrick's Gin      
4cl | 10,50 Euro

Big Ben
5cl Hendrick`s Gin   
2cl lemon juice   
4cl orange juice   
6cl Schweppes Bitter Lemon
9,90 Euro

gins from the fresh Elbe air

Skin Gin       
4cl | 10,80

Rilano Fusion Bar

Mo-So: 12:00–01:00am
Hein-Saß-Weg 40, 21129 Hamburg
+49 40 300 849 691