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Caipirinha Variations

With and without alcohol

Caipirinha is the darling at every bar. But do you already know our current variations?

With alcohol

Cachaca, lime juice, lime, brown cane sugar

Vodka, lime juice, lime, brown cane sugar

Aperol, lime, brown cane sugar

Raspberry Caipirinha
Cachaca, raspberry syrup, lime, brown cane sugar

Summer Caipirinha
Cachaca, orange, lemon, lime, orange juice, brown cane sugar

each 8.90 Euro

Without alcohol

Schweppes ginger ale, lime, brown cane sugar

Passion fruit juice, lime, brown cane sugar

each 7.20 Euro

Rilano Fusion Bar

Mo-So: 12:00–01:00am
Hein-Saß-Weg 40, 21129 Hamburg
+49 40 300 849 691