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After work on the Elbe

Girls, boys and Love Birds

For all options

You will receive two deckchairs from us, one bag each of Lisa's Bio Kesselchips and a Finkenwerder layout plan and you decide where to enjoy yourself: in the sand in the Beach Bar, on our terrace or even on the green area on the Elbe side. Maybe you also want to explore the Finkenwerder Elbufer?

No problem, because on our map we show you, where there are beautiful places directly on the Elbufer. Watching ships - AHOII !!!
Of course, music should not be missing and on your smartphone you have the right soundtrack for your end of work on the Elbe. From us you get the right speakers. We also have Ampero batteries for you to borrow.

Additionally depending on the selected option

Girls: Bucket with 4 cool Sumersby Apple Cider 0,33l

Boys: Bucket with 4 cool Heineken Premium 0,33l

Love Birds: Bucket with 2 cool Sumersby Apple Cider 0,33 and 2 Heineken 0,33l

Please register with us about 30 minutes before pick-up so that we can prepare everything and provide it at the reception.

Beach Bar

Hein-Saß-Weg 40, 21129 Hamburg
+49 40 300 849 691