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Our facilities

Perfectly equipped for your event

There are six superbly furnished and fully air-conditioned conference rooms available which can be easily converted into larger spaces, depending on the size of your event. All rooms can be darkened and are equipped with WIFI and modern meeting and presentation equipment. The conference hall has a total floor space of 240 sqm that can accommodate up to 220 participants. It is also suitable for special events.

Please find enclosed detailled informations regarding our event rooms: Floor plan, possible furnishing and the names of our rooms. We are sure, together with our event team you will find the perfect location for your event.

Our room offer:
  • Room Lindbergh: 22-50 Persons
  • Room Junkers: 22-50 Persons
  • Room Zeppelin: 22-50 Persons
  • Room Lindbergh and Junkers: 35-100 Persons
  • Room Junkers and Zeppelin: 35-100 Persons
  • Room Lindbergh, Junkers and Zeppelin: 50-250 Persons
  • Room Lilienthal: 20-40 Persons
  • Room Fokker: 10-30 Persons
  • Room Lilienthal and Fokker: 30-70 Persons
  • Room Ikarus: 10-20 Persons
  • Conference Hall: 220 Persons


Event Team

The Rilano Hotel Hamburg

Annette Kruse   
Coordinator Convention Sales
Tel.: +49 40 300849 720
Fax: +49 40 300849 900

Laura Meier
Event Sales Coordinator
Tel.: +49 40 300849 630
Fax: +49 40 300849 900

Laura Schütt
Coordinator Convention Sales
Tel.: +49 40 300849 721
Fax: +49 40 300849 900

Ground Plans


Room Lindbergh


Room Lindbergh, Junkers and Zeppelin